1411 Neutral

1415 Toasted Almond

1420 Lust

1421 Currant

1430 Greenfield

1450 Denim

1460 Storm

1470 Weathered

1471 Russet

1480 Sable




CM Canapetta

A medium weight, acid-free, tissue lined binding material. Made with a blend of cotton and linen giving it a beautiful and sophisticated texture and natural feel. Recommended for books, cloth-covered enclosures, and any number of uses. Standard 39" width.

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CM arrestox b
CM roxite c
CM pearl linen
CM im leather

CM roxite f buckram
CM luminaire
CM kennett
CM cialux
CM cialinen
CM iris
Skivertex Series 1
Skivertex Malaga Prints
Skivertex Ubonga Ecrases
Skivertex Spania Prints
Skivertex Samala
Kivar 7
Silktouch by Nuba
CM seven
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CM sedona 17/25
CM lacreme
CM paradise
CM linen bukram
CM canapetta
CM silk moiré taffeta
CM amari/amari plus
CM bible endsheet

CM headbands

Reinforcing Materials

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CM headbands
Reinforcing Materials

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