2213 Bleaker Beige

2222 Venetian

2223 Candy

2232 Bassil

2239 Uniform

2240 Tuscan Sun

2251 Nautilus

2259 Persian

2260 Nimbus

2269 Shadow

2270 Provincial

2271 Latte

2273 Camelback

2274 Tawney



CM Linen Bukram

An acrylic coated cotton cloth with a light tissue paper backing. Give your book that old school look without sacrificing durability. Standard 39" width.

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CM arrestox b
CM roxite c
CM pearl linen
CM im leather

CM roxite f buckram
CM luminaire
CM kennett
CM cialux
CM cialinen
CM iris
Skivertex Series 1
Skivertex Malaga Prints
Skivertex Ubonga Ecrases
Skivertex Spania Prints
Skivertex Samala
Kivar 7
Silktouch by Nuba
CM seven
CM ten
CM sedona 17/25
CM lacreme
CM paradise
CM linen bukram
CM canapetta
CM silk moiré taffeta
CM amari/amari plus
CM bible endsheet

CM headbands

Reinforcing Materials

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CM headbands
Reinforcing Materials

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