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CM arrestox b
CM roxite c
CM pearl linen
CM im leather

CM roxite f buckram
CM luminaire
CM kennett
CM cialux
CM cialinen
CM iris

Skivertex Series 1
Skivertex Malaga Prints
Skivertex Ubonga Ecrases
Skivertex Spania Prints
Kivar 7
Silktouch by Nuba

CM seven
CM ten
CM sedona 17/25
CM lacreme
CM silk moiré taffeta
CM amari/amari plus
CM bible endsheet
CM headbands

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Established in 1978, we are a leading supplier and manufacturer of quality cloth and paper products for turned edge applications to the commercial bindery. We specialize in supplying materials for edition, library binding, menu covers, loose-leaf and packaging applications menus, as well as on demand and all related turned edge binding.

We stock all of the materials listed to the left for immediate shipping making one of the largest selection of cover material available anywhere. We also offer sheeting and squaring to your exact specifications. From our 50,000 square foot facility, we have the capabilities to ship locally or worldwide. Less than full roll quantities are no problem. Because of our buying power, we can offer the best pricing on small as well as large orders on any type material.

We now represent many fine manufactures of book binding materials. Some of the companies include Fibermark with Skivertex, Kivar 7, and Silktouch by Nuba, Holliston, with products like Arrestox B and Roxite F Buckram, Manifattura del Seveso, offering Cialux and Setalux, along with many other companies and products

Available Materials

Listed below are some of the finest materials manufactured by the best companies and best of all, they are all available from Cover Material Sales Inc. If you need any type of cover material, call us with any companies' mill number. Remember, the name says it all. You need to call only one company, COVER MATERIAL SALES, INC.

Arrestox B, Roxite C, Linenset, Pearl Linen, Kennett, Luminaire, Sturdite, Roxite F Buckram, Cialux,  Silk moiré taffeta, CM seven, CM ten, Sedona 17 & 25, CM Amari & Amari plus, CM LaCrème, Skivertex, Kivar 7, Skivertex Endsheet, Kensington, Summit, Pellaq, Silktouch Nuba, Silktouch Thermo, Skivertex Malaga, Skivertex Spania, Headbands,  Skivertex Ubonga, Iris, Hinge & Spine, Super, Krinkle Kraft, Backlining paper, Lexotone 17, Skivertex 17, Tasmania Assuan Setalux, Roxite B, Econo-cloth, Optima, Parisian, Sutton, Rainbow LX, Kensington, Senzo, Multicolor, Excel, Touché, Assuan, Setalux, Tasmania, Buckram P. Extra Fantasia,   Canvas Extra,   Canapetta,   Cialinen, Etc. . . Etc. . . Etc. . .






cover materials