What’s New!

What’s New at Cover Material Sales Inc.

CM iris. We are proud to announce the addition of Iris, a finely woven rayon with a tissue paper backing, manufactured to the rigorous standards of the German craftsman. A beautiful natural texture and vibrant colors makes Iris a popular choice. Available in 59 attractive colors. CM iris foil stamps, screen prints, and blind stamps with great results. Standard 53” width. All 59 colors are in stock 

CM Summit. We are adding additional colors and embossings to our CM Summit line. In addition to the five colors available in Skiver, we are adding six new colors with the Buckram embossing. This new embossing gives the CM Summit a beautiful woven cloth look. CM Summit is a Strong, durable substitute for the expensive Buckram cloth. It is latex saturated and approximately 13 mils in thickness with excellent tear and internal strength, durability, and flexibility. Applications include publishing, legal/Reference books, menu and Hospitality, as well as any project where strength and durability is a must. Standard 54″ width.

CM Arrestox B. We are, and continue to be the only supplier to stock all 42 colors of Arrestox B. Our customers have told us they need many of the discontinued colors for future runs so we made a decision to continue to support them all!

CM Pearl Linen. Now available in 26 colors, offering the beauty and feel of cloth but is economically priced like paper. CM pearl linen is a versatile cloth material uniquely suitable for turned edge applications, edition/trade books, boxes, or any product that requires an elegant finish at paper pricing. We use a cloth base for strength and by using state of the art manufacturing techniques, we add a durable aqueous latex coating, which adds to the elegance of the cloth. Ink and gold stamping adheres exquisitely to CM pearl linen.

CM LaCrème. CM LaCrème, a creamy, soft, cushion-like covering material made with proprietary, ground-breaking, patent-pending technology. Luxurious, creamy, rich new finish with a true leather look and feel. Heat burnishing/blind stamping with superior results and accepts foil stamping. Available in eleven custom colors. CM LaCrème is such a versatile material, it can be used on any number of applications like document covers, datebooks, diaries, hospitality trade, menus, binders, packaging, luxury box (rigid box coverings or folding carton), cosmetic & fragrance boxes, health & beauty boxes, jewelry boxes, wine & spirits boxes, publishing, art & coffee table books, religious books, are just a few of the applications where CM LaCrème will shine.

CM Amari & Amari Plus. We have updated our line of bonded leathers. Both products are high quality 100% bonded leathers. Both offer the soft hand of genuine leather without the cost. We use only specially selected fiber leathers in the manufacturing. An excellent choice for Bibles, Diaries, Portfolios, Hymnals, and photo albums. Available in 10 colors and finishes.

 The above listed materials are only some of the quality products we stock. Cover Material Sales, as the name says, specializes in cover materials for all your bookbinding and packaging needs. We have more types, styles, and colors of turned edged materials in stock than any other distributor.

By increasing our inventory by over 50% and the investment in production and shipping machinery, it has paid off with some of the fastest turn around times in the industry. We have also aligned our company with only the best manufactures of materials so we can supply and service any and all your cover material needs.

Additional shipping surcharge

An additional shipping surcharge is being imposed by both UPS and Fedex ground deliveries for boxes 48″ or greater in length. This surcharge will help offset the extra cost of handling oversized packages that the freight companies incur and unfortunately, is not in our control. Effective July 1,2016, we are forced to pass along this “additional shipping surcharge” of $10.50 per package for all boxes with the longest side exceeding 48″. This fee is in addition to the regular freight charges.

Please contact customer service to discuss alternative shipping methods that may work for you.